Scania 8x8

Scania chassis all wheel drive and in the front, 4 wheel steering. high cab. building instructions
I made this truck for my off-road wrecker / tow-truck.

It is driven by 2 XL motors which are not connected with each other.
The front axles and the non-steering axles are all driven so it is 8x8.

Steering goes by 1 M motor, which must be slow down for the second axle.

Building instructions
You can buy here

the price will be for the Chassis 8x8 10€ excl. Paypal costs

The building instructions is in PDF. They are high detailed photo sequence. Incl. step-by-step inventory list.
And they are not made with Lego Digital Designer!

Contact me if you have any questions


  1. Hello!
    Has the Scania 8x8 all wheel suspension???

    1. no, The Scania 8x8 doesn't have any sort of suspension.
      It is almost impossible in that scale

  2. Hi
    Does this RC steering also ?

  3. where do you buy those parts