Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3

The improved LEGO version of the Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3 in a 4160 and 4165 variant. The 4160 is build in the Mammoet livery and the 4165 uses the Liebherr colors and is completed with the Nooteboom livery to match the Nooteboom trailers. Both trucks are available in the webshop with professional building instructions and complete sticker sets. Build your own heavy haulage truck and let's haul!!

A brand new version of Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3 designed during 2016. The design took more than a year of work but paid off in a highly detailled model with a lot of functions. This version replaces the older version designed in 2013. Building instructions for the older one are not available anymore.

These newer versions are highly detailled. During the build you will notice the details are implemented from the first pages on. The chassis has some nice details like fake air suspension on the rear axles. Following the build further on - A nice fake V8 is placed on top of the chassis and includes all the details which makes it look like a real V8. When the chassis is almost done the fenders are placed on. These fenders may include some hard to get parts like the dark grey arches - But no worries, you can build the fenders with black fenders on both models. After the fenders, the wheels, small tanks such as the AdBlue tank and exhaust with storage box, the cabin gets his place on top of the chassis. Only the tower is left to build. The tower includes a batterybox and a SBrick - Which is highly recommended for such a nice model. But if thats too good for you - There is a page in the instruction which explains how to mount the Power Functions IR receiver inside the fuel tank which is located at the bottom of the tower.

The entire model is finished with some nice stickers which are designed and produced by the JaapTechnic design studio and available at the regular webshop.

The model features the following functions:
  • Powerful 8x4 drive train by 2 Power Functions XL motors
  • 2 axle steering by Power Functions servo motor
  • Openable cabin doors with realistic hinge design
  • Openable storage doors with a lever located behind the seats
  • Tilt able cabin with easy acces to the V8 fake engine
  • 2 Power Functions front LED lights
  • Fully adjustable seats and steering column 
  • Fifth wheel suitable for automatic steered trailers
  • Front and rear tow bars

Have a look at the beautiful outdoor photoshoot at Flickr HERE


  1. Hi jaap, if I ever wanted to build it could you tell me a site where to buy all bits and pieces ??? Thanks

  2. What is the approximate scale of this model?

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