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About me

Name: Jaap
Nationality: Dutch
Occupation: Projectmanager plastic industry

You can contact me if you have a question regarding custom build LEGO models or ask for a quotation for the Design Studio. Use the contact form or send a Facebook message.
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Frequently asked questions

•   Which LEGO bricks do i need to build a model?
      Check out all part lists here

•   How do i buy the required LEGO bricks?     World's largest online marketplace               Bricks & Pieces for all your bricks

•   Can i buy this LEGO model as a complete set?
      You can't buy my models as a complete set in a store.
      All the models displayed on this website are my own
      design. If you want to build a model - use the building
      instruction as available in the webshop and buy your bricks
      using the information above.

September 20, 2017