Scania Tow truck - wrecker

scania tow truck with 8x8 drive train, perfect for offroad recovery work. full PF
building instructions available

building instructions

building instructions of my scania 8x8 can be find here
wrecker unit can be found here

click to zoom

some tech info:

 here you can see the battery. for reloading the battery the axle above must be pushed. very simple

 in the cab is a IR receiver. this one is for driving. the 2 wires on the right side are from the 2 XL motors

doors can be opened

3 IR recievers for the wrecker unit. covered with a 3x11 technic plate

side wall off. now you can see very good witch functions work on witch way (click = zoom)

i decided to not connect the 2 crane winches to each other. now you can tilt a truck on 1 side up.

all the gears are needed to go from the middle of the truck to the big LA's

LA's 100% extended

ya, you can see my lonely Toyota FJ without a chassis...

a large LA is for lowering the fork 

after some experimenting i succeed to put a worm wheel on the extendable boom

if someone knows something i can build next on this truck. contact me!

wrecker unit haves to connect the wire to the distribution place (see photo)

the rear wheels are not connected to the front wheels but haves there own XL motor

steering axle haves to transport the front axle movement to the second axle with a little slowdown

the 2 L motors are in the middle of the wrecker unit 

i had some inspiration ideas from chang fei's moc (heavy duty tow truck)
but i only used the crane boom worm wheel idea

his wheel lifter isn't powerfull enough to tilt up a other big truck on the front
my wheel lifter can do it easy
thanks to a LA

building instructions

building instructions of my scania 8x8 can be find here
wrecker unit can be found here

if you have questions subscribe!


  1. Great Model, applause !

  2. great model, very tempted to try a studless cab now

  3. just finished this moc and very well done!!

  4. Where can i buy this JaapTechnic?

  5. Hello, awesome job, do you have the overall dimensions of the truck with the wrecker unit by any chance?

  6. Has the truck suspensions?

  7. what is the price of the bricks used in this truck?

  8. Very powerful and fantastic perfomance. I'm a colombian AFOL (structural engineer). I'm building currently the Articulated Hauler 6x6 ( dumpbed ) model. To get all the required pieces is a long and expensive process. But the goal is so satisfactory...
    Your model looks excellent . Probably I'm going to build it
    Bogotá, Colombia

  9. Bonjour les instructions du scania 8x8 et toujour disponibles ?

    1. Yes offcourse! They can be find here:
      They will always be delivered within 24h on your email so you can start building soon when you order today!

  10. Just completed the basic truck; excellent construction plans;
    You asked for suggestions what you could put as an alternative on the rear of the truck.
    A flat bed with drop sides or what I have done is a reefer type box with rear doors and a front refrigeration unit housing the IR receiver which offers a better position

  11. La liste des pièces que j'ai trouvée sur rebrickable et elle complète ?

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