Custom Pneumatic cylinder V2

Aluminium pneumatic cylinders. Made for my Volvo A25D.

Big, Bigger, Biggest?
I think this is the biggest Pneumatic cylinder ever made which is compatible with official LEGO® elements.

One cylinder weights only 66grams, which is much less than the V1 version and this cylinder is twice as big!

It can extends from 22 to 40 studs and has the same power as a original LEGO® pneumatic cylinder.

I made tho whole cylinder on my lathe and used a milling machine for some additional elements such as the 2 inlets.

The piston is made out of RVS just as the 2 inlets.

The new cylinder has this brick inside of the cylinder which make a better connection with other LEGO® parts.


  1. Ziet er heel goed uit Jaap! ook knap dat ze lichter zijn dan de v1 cylinders! ga je ze nog verven? aangezien ze bij de echte A25D zwart zijn.

    1. Translation Question Above:
      Looks very good Jaap! It's also amazing that they are even lighter than the v1 cylinders! Do you have plans to paint it? Because they are black on the real A25D.

      Yes! they will be sprayed in black with my airbrush or something similar.

  2. Great work!
    I want to do same thing, but since I do not have a lathe, I am forced to use the services of someone who has it. To describe what I want, could use drawings with dimensions or 3d model. Do you have any of them, which I could use? Thanks in advance.

    1. i have, but i keep them for myself.
      Maybe in the future i will sell these cylinders.

  3. knap gedaan hoor!! zo kun je tenminste grotere lego onderdelen bewegen met pneumatic.
    Ben zelf ook bezig met grotere cylinders te maken. Dit voor mijn lego terex RH 340 graafmachine.
    Zou echter graag willen weten wat voor vet of smeermiddel je gebruikt, aangezien de buis van
    aluminium is ipv plastic...

    groetjes, Adriaan

  4. Hi Jaap, I saw the first version made out of brass on youtube and it looks pretty cool. Then I came here and saw a second version made out of aluminium it looks pretty cool also.

    I'm wondering did you start out using the same dimensions of the official lego pneumatic cylinders and then made the it to the length you wanted?

    Also is the parts for the arm taken from a lego pneumatic cylinder or did you make them yourself going based off of the lego pneumatic cylinders?

  5. Hy, i'm student of electromechanical engineering, and i, with my group, are working in project of hovercraft, and we will need use pneumatics for direction. We want to make hovercraft cheaper and lighter so possible. Because that i want to ask you hove much weight and pressure they can work?

    Thank you for answer.
    Ass: Yevhen

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  8. Hi,
    did you manage to produce and sell these zylinders? I will need a longer small Zylinder in the near futer and would love to buy one because building them on my own ist quite tricky and would require me to take an original Lego-zylinder apart (and likely destroying it).

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