Volkswagen Transporter T5 escort vehicle

Volkswagen Transporter vans are widely used on construction sites but they are also often used for guiding special road cargo. This Lego version of the T5 is remote controlled and has many LEDs provided by Brickstuff. On the roof there is a foldable matrix sign which warns upcoming traffic.

As an owner of a T5 California Volkswagen van i had to make a Volkswagen van someday. This project started a few years ago with the idea to make an short wheelbase version of the Transporter van. Off course it had to be wrapped in a lot of red and white stripes otherwise it will never become an escort vehicle to guide oversized loads along the roads.

After building the front grill and door hinges on the short chassis i came across this image of a real escort van.

Regarding this image the chassis had to be enlarged to match the van from the image above. The project needed something special. was there to help out with a custom light setup for the van. At the end we installed 36 leds into the LEGO bricks. There are already 12 of them in the top light bar!

A few months and a year later i finished the structural work for the body. There still where some spots on the van which i didn't liked that much but a model always needs a few rebuilds before it is perfect. The van got his first public show at an European Modelshow located in Ede, The Netherlands. At that moment the van wasn't finished yet and desperately needed some stickers, but despite that the van took a lot of  attention by the visitors. Maybe it was just the yellow color or the whole van itself, maybe both!

The Modelshow gave me the last inspiration to finish this model. I added PowerFunction motors to let it drive and steer. The whole back of the van is filled with technical stuff like battery packs, motors, gears and a few miles of wires and control boards to control al the LEDs!

There are lights like low beam lights, sidelights, fog lights, taillights and emergency lights. There are 12 LEDs located inside the lightbar on the roof, 8 LEDs in the front grill and 2 on the rear roof. All LEDs are flashing like the real van.

The second-to-last step was to create an matrix sign on the top of the roof. This roof can fold up so a matrix sign get exposed for upcoming traffic from behind. And last but not least I designed all the stickers for the van. Including a sticker for the dashboard and the license plates are copied from the real van.

More pictures of the building process can be found at my Flickr

There are plans to create building instructions for this fantastic van. But give me some time for that.
A video will be released soon.


  1. It is crazy :O Good job and video please (y) ;)

    1. A new video will be uploaded when the new Mercedes-Benz Actros truck is finished, i started with an update for this truck because the truck like i build before doesn't exist anymore by the company Mammoet. The truck still has the same fleet number but is owned by the german part of Mammoet and the truck is slightly changed compared to his predecessor.

  2. Hello Jaap,

    What a cool looking combination, very detailed and realistic.
    You should contact Mammoet to bring these 4 vehicles out as a set.
    The 1:50 scale models of there cranes and trucks are big sellers.
    Maybe tey would be interested to bring out this cool Lego set.
    I think there will be people who would buy this, they pay a lot for the smaller scale cranes.
    Some are over €450,- a piece.

    1. But you can do this as a hobby, but help others who are professionals and who do not have your habilities : since March 16th, 2016, they are penaly responsible of all the consequences of what they do and do not do! Selling 450 € a smaller crane need to be justified, they need to propose your models too... You do not have to do anything, they do everything they need, if they want to use such small models for their publicity! They just buy your plans, and do what they want in the respect of their customers... Everyone is free, and only the best need to be done... You did part of it, in Lego Technics...

  3. I understand, but of I would want to build this, the amount off money it would take to get all the parts would make it impossible for me to do it.
    If it was a set in a store like Mammoet, it might be possible for me to build this.
    I am currently collecting parts for a MB Actros mp2 4150K sidetipper truck with crane, an old school studded model, this is turning out to be a very expensive project already, it will take about €650,- to build.
    Making a little trip to commercial sets for once or twice will make some nog so rich builders like me able to build this.

  4. Hi Jaap

    i looks very fine, but where do you get the wheel caps from?

    -- RAMMu

    1. These wheel caps are printed with my 3D printer. Just because there is no matching official lego part for this.

  5. Volkswagen Transporter vans are really great transport for construction. All the countries are demanded this transport. Sometimes it is used for security purpose. I have seen it in my country for security purpose.

  6. Replies
    1. You should inform someone hw to proceed doing this, and make this model available to few customers... You did you job, a great job, it need to become useful, either as one unique piece, very expensive, for only one person (this is a piece of art), or you have better to make some copies of it, well done, and not let chinese proceed badly selling a Playmobil of what you did, with 10 pieces and less functionalities! Lego Technic should help more and continue selling all models and develop improvements for all models...

  7. How are those plans coming along?? I'm getting a little anxious for the build!!

  8. Hallo jaap wat is de price of the volkswagen T5 roadsing bus? Dank Harun

  9. Extremely sensational!How can I buy this instruction?

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