Baja Trophy Truck

Baja Trophy truck. Very fast rear wheel driven car. Which easily can beat 15km/h

 My fastest lego vehicle ever...

This Baja truck uses 2 Black buggy motors which give this vehicle so much power it will drift in the corners on smooth surfaces.

The suspension is very soft which give the vehicle a really realistic look when it drives trough the corners or goes over a obstacle.

The front suspension is independent and tilted so it can better absorb hard impacts.
The rear suspension is an independent 5-link system with huge travel. (6cm)

It's really fun to drive! I never taught it was possible to made a lego vehicle which is so fast!

The following pictures will show the Baja suspension fully extended 

The baja's weights results in the following which is really good! (see picture above)
The suspension is compressed for 50% on the back and 20% on the front.
In this position it can absorb large bumps and the suspension can still extend for holes or absorbing big jumps.

December 04, 2013