Gearbox 6 speed N+R

Sequential / tiptronic gearbox
Designed by Liftingbricks - Huib van der Hart

Lego mechanical gearbox

Unique design, Never seen before, Sequential / tiptronic gearbox.
This gearbox is designed by Huib van der Hart also known as Liftingbricks

This gearbox is developed during months of testing and rebuilding. it was build to be controlled with a tiptronic system or with paddle shifters. It's possible to control the gearbox with an NXT servo motor or just by hand.

It has 6 speeds with an neutral between the reverse and other gear ratios
The different gear-ratios are positioned in one straight line which means this gearbox is an sequential gearbox.

Could you use this gearbox in your own MOC? or do you want to know how it works?
There is an highly detailled professional building instruction available.

Here you can see some earlier versions




This is the final version which you can build

January 05, 2014