Gearbox 6 speed N+R

Sequential / tiptronic gearbox
Designed by Liftingbricks - Huib van der Hart

Lego mechanical gearbox

Unique design, Never seen before, Sequential / tiptronic gearbox.
This gearbox is designed by Huib van der Hart also known as Liftingbricks

This gearbox is developed during months of testing and rebuilding. it was build to be controlled with a tiptronic system or with paddle shifters. It's possible to control the gearbox with an NXT servo motor or just by hand.

It has 6 speeds with an neutral between the reverse and other gear ratios
The different gear-ratios are positioned in one straight line which means this gearbox is an sequential gearbox.

Could you use this gearbox in your own MOC? or do you want to know how it works?
There is an highly detailled professional building instruction available.

Here you can see some earlier versions




This is the final version which you can build


  1. SOOOWWW!!! That looks very impressive!!!!

  2. I can't wait to see it mounted on a model car. I always thought lego technic gears didn't have the strength to transmit torque but this work makes me change my mind...

    1. Technic gears can transmit more than enough torque to make a heavy vehicle move, as long as they are firmly braced between two beams. If they are unsupported, they will slip very easily.

  3. Most impressive and very cool. What are the dimensions of it? It looks like it might be a bit big to put inside a 1:10 car?

    1. I do agree that's why I am changing my plans to 1/8 scale suv.
      Also the lengths are 20 studs by 9 studs I believe.

  4. Hello, is it possible standard PF Servo Motor to switch gears?

    1. Yes, but with a servo motor you can only switch between 3 gears and every time you switch on the battery box the servo will go to neutral.

    2. There are 2 options if you want to use the PF servo motor.
      The first option uses a mechanical system which upshifts or downshift depending on the direction the servo is pushing. A bit like shifting pedals on a steering wheel. Have a look a this models which uses this system:

      The second option, which doesn't work very well, uses the PF speed remote to control the servo in more little steps. If you gear this up using the right gears you will be able to use any gear and not only 3 of them.

  5. is the sequential part software?