Land-Rover Defender 90

Land-rover Defender 90 simple and efficient version

Landrover Defender 90 v1.0

first version features 4x4 drive train, steering, winch and differential locks
this land rover didn't have suspension because a lot of torque is lost in the range that your springs can handle
it haves differential locks so if the wheels didn't touch the ground the wheels at the other end of the axle can drive the land rover further and it didn't slip.

the winch is very strong but when it must deliver a lot of power during a long period the red gearbox leveler springs over...

At the rear of this version i mounted a spare tire.

Building instructions 

I've build a lot of different Landrover Defender's 90 in the past few years,
The newest of the have highly detailled building instructions. if you want to build one of my Landrover Defender's take a look at my Building Instructions page.

August 27, 2012