Toyota FJ Cruiser

100% scale model of the Toyota FJ Cruiser

FJ cruiser

It took a long time to create this model of the Toyota FJ Cruiser.
Basically because of the round shapes. This was also my second model which i build with normal lego bricks.

Building instructions LXF file

you can download a 3D file here
Part list on rebrickable
This is not a step by step building instruction!
And the LXF file provides only the body of the FJ Cruiser, so without the chassis.

Just to compare the lego model with the real world


  1. Hi had a toyota suspension?

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  3. i can not find the instructions for this where can i find them?

  4. Do you still have the instructions available anywhere?

    1. If you want the LXF file, you can send me an email.

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  6. I sent you an email. Would love to see the LXF file and see if I can source the parts in earth green.

  7. Hi,
    Great build! I would love to try and make this... would you be able to send me the LXF file?
    I own a FJ Cruiser and have been looking for a MOC to build a lego version.

  8. This car model is very cute and cool! Any car model of Toyota Malaysia ?

  9. The model is awesome and I would like to build my own. Can you send me the LXF file?

  10. Hi I would also like the LXF file if you still have it and are willing to share it! Great build

  11. Is this still available?
    Have you made instructions?
    Where can I get the chassis to fit this model?