LandRover Defender 90 on 9398 chassis

LandRover Defender 90 on a 9398 crawler chassis. This was my entry for the You-Design-It We-Make-It competition in 2012.

Landrover Defender 90 build on 9398 chassis

Lego You-Design-It We-Make-It competition
This was my entry for the lego competition. One of the basic rules for this competition was: It must be build on a 9398 Crawler Chassis.
So it took my Old Landrover Defender and mounted a 9398 chassis under-need the body work. It works surprisingly well.
In october 2012 my entry got 296 votes, at that moment i had almost the most votes of any other entry.

But because license problems with Landrover it didn't made it to the top 10.
If you still wanna build one of my Landrovers i made in the past few years take a look at my Building instructions page were you could find a lot of Landrover Defender's all with highly detailled Building instructions.


  1. which landrover instructions do i need to use a 9398 chassis ? , thanks

    1. They all use the same chassis. Choose the one you like the most

  2. I can't find the Land Rover with the hard top and windows at the back. A the versions don't have windows?

    1. The 3 versions which are displayed at the webshop are the only 3 versions which you can buy using the available building instructions.
      If you want to build it with windows at the back you need to modify it. That modification isn't very complicated to do.