LEGO Liebherr LTM 11200 - Mammoet - FOR SALE

This huge crane is provided for sale by the original designer "Huib van der Hart"
Have a look at the following videos shot during the 5 year build progress. More information below

• The latest video showing the LEGO crane in action lifting giant windmill parts (2015) • Our annually model show (Modelshow Europe, Ede, The Netherlands) showing some functions (2015) • Showing all the details in this LEGO model with a walk around(2013) • Showing one of the many prototypes with a project overview (2013)

Model details
Huib van der Hart, the builder of this giant LEGO scale model of the Liebherr LTM 11200 in a Mammoet livery has said his giant build project is completed and would like to sell his creation. 5 years ago Huib started this build with the idea to make the biggest working LEGO crane ever. Along his build progress he had to solve many problems, most of them weight issues. Building a model this big means you have to think about the weight constantly. Many prototypes ended up in the trashcan but after 4 years the main idea about a sturdy drivetrain came along. This model uses 7 PowerFunctions servo motors to steer 8 out of 9 axles and 6 XL motors to drive it with relatively high speed. This was necessary to smoothly steer this 25kg LEGO model using SBricks. All the specs and included functions are listed below:

  • Official LEGO Bricks - 20.000x
  • Steering - 7x Servo Motor
  • Driving - 6x XL Motor
  • Outriggers - 8x M Motor
  • Rotating superstructure - 1x M motor
  • Y-Guys - 4x M motor
  • Main winch - 1x XL Motor
  • Lights - 1x PF LED set - 4x 9V flash lights
  • Control - 2x SBrick & 5x PF IR Receivers 
  • Power drivetrain - 9,6V 4200mAh RC battery pack + special charger
  • Power Superstructure - PF Battery pack
  • Power Y-guys - PF battery pack
  • Power chassis - PF battery pack
  • Custom engineered turn table V2.0 with ball bearings and 3D printed parts by JaapTechnic (600€)
  • Custom stickers by JaapTechnic
  • Custom parts for boom cylinders
  • Custom 3D printed rope wheels
  • Wheels - LEGO #3740
  • Weight 25kg
  • Length: 170cm
On sale for : --- SOLD ---
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Huib van der Hart his Flickr photo stream
Huib van der Hart his YouTube channel

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Huib van der Hart - March 22, 2017

October 21, 2018