MAN 4x4 fire truck Dutch Rescue Vehicles

Dutch Rescue Vehicles. fire truck. real working water pump! incl tech info.

i made a new bumper because the normal one is not the good one (tgs - tga differents)

you can see the inside of the fire truck
i used the NXT for flashlights and 2 9v old black motors for powering 4 air pumps
the air goes to the 330ml water bottle witch the water goes out and air came in

the nozzle is complete remote control
it can turn 150 degrees and up and down

the drive train is simple but excellent
there is a M motor to switch the gearbox
1 : 1 or 1 : 3
steering by a Medium motor and driving by an XL motor


  1. how much pneumatic pump you use 1 or 2 and what pump?

  2. you shoud build a rosenbauer panther 6x6 or 8x8 with instructions

  3. do you have a instruction for fire truck?

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