Unimog U500

Unimog U500. the official lego model (8110) is ugly. i made it smaller better and full PF.

unimog U500 made first time with normal Lego and a Lego Technic chassis
i made the Unimog U500 with blueprints 1:1 like the size off the Lego model

it was very hard to put all the functions in such small model.
you can see i used a normal battery pack. that is almost 1/4 part of the whole chassis
in the rear a XL motor for driving
and in the middle of the seats a M motor for steering
the IR receiver is in the middle above the battery pack

the chassis is 4x4 and very powerful
it can drive on a angle like 50 degrees
thanks to it's weight distribution

for the rear diff lock
here some info and tips!
eurobricks forum rear difflock ideas

March 30, 2012