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Design Process

      Design Process
Your idea
Looking for custom stickers? The JaapTechnic Design Studio is the solution! We can design and produce for any sticker project you can imagine. We are specialised in custom stickers for your custom LEGO® models made out of vinyl with exact matching LEGO® colors.
      Design Process
Customer specifications
Before we can start designing your custom stickers we need to receive detailled information about your LEGO® model and your sticker ideas. Think about detailled photos, short description, size and colour.
      Design Process
Graphic design
When the specifications are set we will design your stickers using Adobe Illustrator. We make sure every color gets the right color code to match LEGO® bricks when printed. Every sticker will fit exactly on your LEGO® bricks.
      Design Process
Final check
Before we turn to our machines we send you a digital watermarked sample of the result to make sure we did everything according your needs. When the design gets approved we will proceed to the last step.
      Design Process
We run multiple machines to create the best looking stickers. We mostly produce stickers printed on white vinyl which will get die cut just like original LEGO® sticker sheets. For larger stickers we use pre-coloured vinyl to cut your design. We will carefully pack your order to make sure it won't get damaged during shipment.
Design Process

       Interested in a quotation for your project? Send your request to the Design Studio using the red button. We do projects from single piece productions up to a thousand sheets for commercial sets. If you are a pro builder then you can even get your custom sticker sheets available at Design Studio web store!
Design Process

Customer frame Ingmar Spijkhoven
For me scale modeling is all about detail. Much time is spend on each and every detail during the design of my truck and trailer models. Custom printed stickers are a must have. Adding stickers to a scale model really adds more realism. Jaap is very gifted when it comes to creating custom sticker sheets. The quality is phenomenal, pre-cut, high glossy vinyl and the colors match with the LEGO parts they apply to! Thanks Jaap!
Customer frame Bricksonwheels
I have used Jaap’s stickers for a number of models I created over the last years. The perfect matched colors and the ability to go very small, optional with application foil if needed, makes this shop a must for every detail freak like myself. If you struggle to create designs yourself, Jaap can help you as well, as he is gifted with DTP software.
Customer frame Edwin Korstanje
Since a year or two Jaap produces all the stickers for my models and custom sets. From single piece production up to hundreds of sheets. The quality, matched colors, delivery times, pricing and communication is more than perfect. My customers say, the quality is even better than the sheets from LEGO® sets. I am looking forward to all our collaborations in the future.
Customer frame Töby Design
Jaap creates his stickers in house since he started building. His promises about quality made me use his Design Studio for the first time. I was blown away by the details. Every sticker is going to be a JaapTechnic sticker from now on. My latest masterpiece is the Quinto Arocs. Thanks to the professional stickers this truck looks like real. The Design Studio is the best choice for custom stickers.

Design Process

      Shipping costs - Required for any order
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Worldwide shipping
€ 4,49
Priority mail, 2-10 business days
The Netherlands
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Standard mail, Next day delivery

Sticker set - BMW M4 DTM
• Professional vinyl sticker sheets
• Original LEGO model designed by Brunojj1 from Eurobricks
• Building instructions: Click here

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 Deutsche post
 BMW Bank
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  3 in stock

Sticker set - Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 DTM
• Professional vinyl sticker sheets
• Original LEGO model designed by Brunojj1 from Eurobricks
• Building instructions: Click here

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  4 in stock
  5 in stock

Sticker set - Lamborghini Veneno Roadster
• Professional vinyl sticker sheets
• Original LEGO model designed by Lox Lego from Eurobricks
• Building instructions: Click here

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  1 in stock
  1 in stock

Sticker set - Honda RA 300 67
• Professional vinyl sticker sheets
• Original LEGO model designed by Nico71
• Building instruction: Click here

  9 in stock                                      

Design Process

Please read our terms and conditions before placing your order. These do all apply on custom stickers. The first two conditions do not apply on items from the webstore. By placing an order you accept the terms and conditions below. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions.

1. Customer specifications
For your own custom stickers we will follow your specifications during the design process. When the design is finished it will be shown to the customer using a watermarked screenshot. After a confirmation from the customer we will produce the sticker sheets as shown in our concept image. After acceptance there will be no possibility to change the design within the given budget. If the products shows to be incorrectly made please contact the design studio. We will compare the result with our concept image. As long as these two are identical we will not give any refunds. We are not responsible for mistakes made by the customer.

2. Payment
The payment needs to be made before we start with step 3 from the design process. For large sticker projects we ask for a 50% deposit. The grand total needs to be paid before we send your order.

3. Quality
We deliver high quality stickers. Most of them are waterproof but not weatherproof. Stickers will discolour after years. We give a two year warranty on discolouration if put to normal use. Do not leave your model in direct sunlight for a long period. Warranty will expire when used incorrectly.

4. Using our stickers
We deliver instructions together with our sticker sheets. These will explain you how to handle our stickers. We are not responsible for displaced stickers in any form whatsoever. Its your responsibility to handle the stickers with care. Ask for help if you have any question.

5. Shipping methods and refunds
We use non-registered letterpost to send your order to your home address which you registered for your PayPal account. If you prefer a different address please leave a comment in your payment. We ship using strong cardboard envelopes capable of reaching the entire world without damage. The selling party (JaapTechnic) is not responsible for any damages upon arrival that occurred during shipping and handling. Shipping is at your own risk. Lost packages won't be refunded by the selling party e.g. PayPal claims will be forwarded to this policy. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about your received or lost order. Expansive orders should be shipped insured, ask for a quotation.

6. Unreachable customer email address
If the email address you use for PayPal is an non-excisting and/or wrong email address then your order will be pending till the right information is given by the customer. This is at your own responsibility. Before reporting a problem with your order please check your own information first.

7. Unpaid shipping costs
You have to select the right region to include shipping costs to your order. Orders which are placed without payment for the shipment will be delayed till the customer pays the shipping costs. We will send PayPal invoices when your order is missing the shipping fee.

8. Dispatch of your order
There are different dispatch times depending on the product status
  # in stock  (dispatch within 48H)
  # in stock  (dispatch within 5 days)
  # in stock  (dispatch within 1-2 weeks)
  # in stock  (dispatch on specified date)

9. Delivery times
Usually packages will be delivered within the following periods
 • The Netherlands - within 1 business day
 • Europe - within 10 business days
 • Worldwide - up to 25 business days
Please note: Shipping is unregistered and at your own risk, see Policy #5 for details.

January 16, 2018