Custom Aluminium Turntable

Aluminium Turntable 15cm
Made for one of the biggest lego cranes

LiftingBricks, another LEGO builder from the Netherlands is building a huge crane.
But when building in that scale, you get problems with the enormous weight of the crane-boom.

Normal lego will bend with that pressure so i had to make this heavy duty turntable.
It's completely made out of aluminum except the balls and screws.

This part is not made in collaboration with the LEGO group.
This part is home made and not for sell, you can't buy it anywhere.


  1. What'd you use to machine this with so accurately?

  2. A lathe and a milling machine, so it's handmade
    No CNC!

  3. Woww' I must say I'm surprised' I thought for sure the teeth would have been cnc'd. That is a very nice job for a lathe and milling machine. Nice job! How did you keep it so accurate?

  4. i made the teeth wit a distribution device and a gear cutter. with that device it's very easy to make gears with only a milling machine...
    but it took a few days... CNC would be a lot easier but not that experience at all!

  5. This crane is so BIG! What's the dimensions of?

  6. Can i purchase this turntable?

  7. Same anonymous, I am in process of building 3 cranes and this custom turntable would be a very critical piece. I would like to purchase 3 if possible. I know you said its not for sale but maybe you have changed your mind. Regular lego turntable is too small and bends with the loads.

  8. This is the one I'm looking for. How can I buy it?

  9. Nice work.
    Go for a crowdfounding :)

  10. where can i buy that crane!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT!

    what is the price ?